Avoiding meltdowns

So… yesterday I narrowly avoided a meltdown at work.

I don’t think I’ve come that close to losing my composure while at work before, but since we moved offices I’m getting overwhelmed by all the communication (two email addresses, plus the support mailing list, plus Skype, yammer and multiple meeting reminders every day) and the learning curve for the task I’m on right now isn’t *quite* vertical, but it’s pretty flipping steep. There might be some sleep issues there too, with is usually stress-related (although the air pollution thing last week definitely didn’t help).

Long story short: the stress anxiety management app for Android (and iOS) saved my bacon and I’ve spent today puttering around at home, refusing to feel guilty for looking after myself. I have nothing but empathy for my friends with anxieties and emotional needs, but it’s ridiculous how much harder it is to give myself the same consideration.

Curling up with some Sycra tutorials and the next set of Structure of Man videos seems to help in the short term, but I’ll have to put in some safeguards to stop this happening in future.

I’m also getting more and more convinced by my theory that I use drawing as a form of stimming. Trouble is, now I’m taking the art thing more seriously (I’m not going to beat myself up over missing life drawing again this week. My health comes first), it often ends up with me getting frustrated at my level of ability. I wonder if  repetitive studies would work as well, or if colouring books would be better. I’m hoping the former but the latter seems like it would be more therapeutic.

I should get some more gum as well; chewing definitely helps.