Show Your Work! – part 3

Share something small every day

Send out a daily dispatch

Share something every day, based on where you are in your process. It shows people that you’re alive and producing work on a regular basis, and complements a portfolio (especially a sparse one).
The other benefit from the daily digest is the quantity of work – 90% of output is junk; accept that and make enough that it doesn’t matter.

“One day at a time […] is simple but it isn’t easy: out requires incredible support and fastidious structuring”

Russell Brand

The “so what?” test

Be open; share unfinished work, finished work, upcoming events – not personal stuff. Share because it can help or entertain (preferably both). Every time you share something, ask what it contributes – why should anyone care?

“Post as though everyone who can read it has the power to fire you.”

Lauren Cerand

Turn your flow into stock

Flow is your daily digest – posts, tweets and daily updates.
Stock is durable content – stuff that’s still relevant or interesting months or years later.
The balance is to maintain flow, while building stock. The best way to generate stock is to collect, organise and expand on your flow. Revisit old ideas to find patterns (in ideas as well as behaviour), and turn those into larger works.

Build a good (domain) name

Depending on other people’s services is always a calculated risk. A personal website and domain gives you a stable base that won’t disappear overnight.
Blogs turn flow into stock – they build up into a professional autobiography, documenting your development across years.