Steal like an artist – part 5 & 6


Art theory Steal like an Artist



5. Side projects and hobbies are important

Practice productive procrastination

Have a variety of projects on the go to keep from getting burned out on any one.

But also: remember to breathe. Space between projects allows ideas to percolate and give your mind time to find connections.

I already know the importance of having a hobby I’m not trying to turn into a business, and I know how rapidly I fall apart when I sacrifice leisure time for more work. My meditation practice is equally important, giving my space in the day where I can just be for a moment.

Don’t throw any of yourself away

“Keep all your passions in your life.”

If you love two or three different things, see if you can marry them together. Trying to ignore them doesn’t work

The things I’ve enjoyed most in life have always been books, drawing and animals. I’m fortunate that finding a link between those three shouldn’t be too hard!


6. Do good work and share it with people

In the beginning, obscurity is good

How do you get discovered? Wrong question. How good can I get before the pressure to perform starts to destroy my ability to play?

The not-so-secret formula

Do good work and share it with people.

Part one, do good work:

  • Make stuff every day.
  • Accept you’re going to suck, fail, and get better.

Part two, share it with people:

  • Put it on the internet

The secret of the internet is also simple: marvel at the world and invite others to join you. Marvel at odd, obscure things that move you, and be open about sharing your passions, and your methods, with other people. (Consider making online courses?)

We learn through teaching, and we find something to say by speaking – having a blog encourages you to write, apparently. I certainly feel obligated to write.

Share your dots, but don’t connect them

Find people who like the same things you do, and connect and share your passion with them.

Tease your audience with sketches, doodles and snippets, share tips and advice, link to interesting articles and talk about what you’re reading.